Linkage with the Historic Dockyard Museum, Stanley

The Journal is now  formally linked with, and is an official publication of the Historic Dockyard Museum, Stanley  (  The Museum Director and Exhibitions Director both sit on the Editorial Committee of the Journal. One of the best moves we have made in recent years is to completely align the Journal into  the outputs and activities of the FI Museum and National Trust. While this has the huge benefit of logistics and distribution support in the islands it particularly brings on board the expertise, skills and enthusiasm of Andrea and Tamsin – hugely encouraging for the future. Looking at the list of the skills and experience we all bring to the team it is no wonder we can face any challenges the future might bring with a huge level of optimism.

Ian Strange Obituary

It  is my sad duty to report the death of Ian Strange . Ian was a naturalist, wildlife artist and active promoter of sustainable land use and environmental management in the Falklands (long before either concept was fashionable). We will recognise his contribution in the 2019 issue with an appreciation  (for which I thank Stephen Palmer and Maria Strange for their contribution) and listing of his extensive publication output. Ian  strongly supported the Falkland Islands Journal, contributing articles, including one to the first issue in 1967. He was part of the small Editorial Committee (with  A. G. Barton, John Smith, and Maria M Rowe)  which, in 1973,  was highly instrumental in saving the Journal from demise.

Sir Cosmo Haskard Obituary

We regret to have to report the passing of Sir Cosmo Haskard (aged 100) in February of this year. During his time as Governor of the Falkland Islands (1964-1970) and thereafter he was a great supporter of the Falklands
and undoubtedly his interventions and representations to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office paid a large part in securing the future of the Islands at what was a very difficult time. These events are aptly recorded by David Tatham in his obituary to Sir Cosmo (see attachment below). He was, of course, Governor at the time the Journal was founded (1967) and his respect for, friendship and close working relationship with Tommy Thompson, Colonial Secretary, undoubtedly was instrumental in the continued success of the Journal in the early, precarious years.

50th issue of FIJ reviewed in The Upland Goose. Journal of the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group.

The Editor of this Journal is not the only celebrant of a golden jubilee. The 2016 edition of the Falkland Islands Journal is the fiftieth to be published, a really significant achievement for which all those involved, past and present, deserve our warm congratulations. This edition is bursting with even more pages, and the Journal has quite literally gone from strength to strength, guided for many years now by its editor Jim McAdam. The contents of the 2016 Journal, printed below, show the depth and range of the articles it contains (and you will see one or two familiar names to Upland Goose readers too!)

I would be surprised if most members do not already get their copy of the journal each year but if you don’t – why are you missing out? Contact Jim for a copy straight away.

Jim McAdam to deliver the 3rd Mike Stammers Memorial Lecture in Liverpool

Jim McAdam to deliver the 3rd Mike Stammers Memorial Lecture in Liverpool on the evening of 12th May 2017.  Mike was a long-standing Deputy Editor of the Journal for many years. Sadly he died in 2013 and an Annual Memorial Lecture has been instigated. Current Editor, Jim McAdam is honoured to be delivering this year’s lecture. For more details contact Simon Hill See attached detail.