2020 Authors

Robert Burton first visited South Georgia in 1964 and worked there for the British Antarctic Survey in 1971/72. He was Director of the South Georgia Whaling Museum during the 1990s and now lectures on Antarctic history aboard cruise ships. He is particularly interested in the less well-known aspects of the history of South Georgia and Shackleton’s Endurance expedition.

David Luxton was born in the Falklands while his father was on board William Scoresby at Deception Island in 1944. He joined the Falkland Islands Government, Post and Telegraphs, in 1959 and was Wireless Operator at Stanley and South Georgia. He moved to New Zealand in 1966 and began writing history in 1997 when President of the West Auckland Historical Society. His love of Falkland Islands history began in 1952 when Mrs Cawkell’s first papers were read over the Falkland Islands Broadcasting Station.

Stephen Palmer served as Rector of Christ Church Cathedral in the 1990s. During his time in the Falklands he was encouraged by Jane Cameron to start contributing to the Falkland Islands Journal – and he has done so every year since 1995. On his return to the UK he completed a PhD on a Falklands-related subject. He is now retired from full-time ministry.

Roger Robinson spent several summer months working on Speedwell Island and aboard the island’s ketch, Ilen in 1966.  He has sailed all his life, often on gaff rigged ex-working boats like pilot cutters and trawlers.  He saved and restored the pilot cutter Olga in the 1970s.  Since retiring as a Chartered Architect he now spends more time writing about maritime history and illustrating marine publications.

Phil Stone is a Research Associate with the British Geological Survey. He has worked in South Georgia (with the British Antarctic Survey) and the Falkland Islands where, between 1998 and 2008, he acted as geological adviser to the Department of Mineral Resources.

David Tatham was born in York in 1939, read history at Wadham College, Oxford and entered the Diplomatic Service in 1960. From 1992 to 1995 he was governor of the Falkland Islands and commissioner for South Georgia. After retiring in 1999 he edited and published a Dictionary of Falklands Biography in 2008. He is a vice-president of the Falkland Islands Association and president of the South Georgia Association. 

Edward Walsh has researched and written about 19th century Irish migration history and the Irish people (including the Catholic priests) who came to live and work in the Falklands.  He was awarded a Shackleton Scholarship in 2006 and is a contributor to the Dictionary of Falklands Biography. He lives and works in London.