Article List

All articles published between 1967 and 2020.

11967Place-names of the Falkland IslandsBoumphrey, R. S.
21967A selection of Falkland Island place-namesBoumphrey, R. S.
31967Notes on The Climate, Soil, and Natural Productions of the Falkland IslandsWhitington, G. T.
41967Weather TablesChannon, Henry
51967The Natural Vegetation of the Falkland IslandsYoung, C. D.
61967The Conservation of WildlifeStrange, I.
71968Correspondence Relative to the Falkland Islands (First published in 1843)
81968The "Great Britain"
91968Thomas Helsby on the Port Louis Murders
101968An Heraldic History
111968Admiral Sturdee's despatch on the Battle of the Falkland Islands
121968Carcass Island 1765 - 1967Bertrand, K.
131969Correspondence relative to the Falkland Islands A despatch by Governor Moody to Lord Stanley, 1842
141969Hawkins Discovery of the Falklands with Notes by Conor O'Brien
151969An Essay on the Stone Runs of Mount UsborneDodds, M. J.
161969Early Colonists - The Pensioners
171969Collecting Zoological Specimens and Observations on WildlifeGorham, Stanley W.
181969Rare Animals in the Zoological Society Gardens
191969Extracts from the Diary of Admiral Grey
201969The Southern Whale FisheryJones, A. G. E.
211969Falkland Islands Plant Sent to Kew
221970A Prospectus for "The Royal Falkland Land, Cattle, Seal and Fishery Company"
231970Falkland Islands StampsThompson, W. H.
241970"Cattle Country": a ReportBailey, Arthur
251970An extract from "The Loss of the Swift"Gower, Erasmus
261970West Point IslandNapier, R. B.
271970A Reprint from "The Marlborough Express" of April 1896
281970A Speech by the Governor 1905
291971The Salvage of the "Great Britain"Strathcona, Euan
301971An Extract from "The Albatross" of October 1862
311971Some Notes on Government HouseHaskard, Sir Cosmo
321971Recollections of Government HouseCameron, Anne
331971Hovercraft in the Falkland IslandsCook, Lieutenant-Commander A. C.
341971The Birth of an Air ServiceClifford, Sir Miles
351971Cruise of H.M.S. Dwarf amongst the Falkland Islands January 1882
361972Reflections on KelpGooch, F.
371972Random Cullings
381972No Fish on the Menu
391972Sealing Industries in the Falkland IslandsStrange, I. J.
401972Bird Finding in the FalklandsRice Pettingill, Eleanor
411972History of the So-called Falkland Islands WolfGorham, Stanley W.
421973Visits by the "San Giuseppe II"Ajmone-Cat, Captain
431973Introduction of Stock to the Falkland IslandsStrange, Ian J.
441973Loss of the "Leopold" on Grand Jason Island, 1858 - A letter from Governor Moore to Lord StanleyF. I. Government Archives
451973Justice and Police ForceStrange, Ian J.
461973Fred Newman's Voyage, 1901Falkland Islands Magazine
471973Extract from Captain R. FitzRoy's Report on the State of the Falkland Islands, 1833F. I. Government Archives
481973Over 100 Years Ago - The Duke of Edinburgh's Visit to Stanley, February 1871Smith, John
491973Opinions on the Falkland IslandsSmith, John
501973Admiral Sturdee's Patent of Baronetcy presented to Falkland Islands
511973Foreword to the Stanley Sports Association 50th Meeting ProgrammeBarton, A.G.
521974The Very Reverend L. E. Brandon and the Birth of the Falkland Islands Magazine - 1889Miller, S.
531974Penguins of the FalklandsStrange, I. J.
541974Memorandum - Rescue by the British Launch "Sissy" of the crew of the "John R. Kelly"Smith, John
551974Peat, Peat Cutting and the Peat SlipStrange, I. J.
561974Falkland Islands Coinage and Currency, 1825 - 1975Strange, I. J.
571974Bense IslandMiller, S.
581974Extracts from "The Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery" His Majesty's vessel "The Lady Nelson", 1800 - 1802Strange, I. J.
591975Matthew BrisbaneJones, A. G. E.
601975Patagonian Missionary Society - Keppel Island 1855 - 1911Miller, Sydney
611975Commodore Byron - Letters to Lord Egmont and the proposed action - 1765Abbott, Jack
621975Speech by the Chairman of The Falkland Islands CompanyMitchell, F. G.
631975The 'Eagle' InnSmith, John
641976The Loss of the "G. F. Haendel"Smith, John
651976Geese in The Falkland IslandsHarradine, John
661976Interpretation of her BibliographyLaver, M
671976Captain Gray of the "Great Britain"Roberts, G. H
681976A further Letter on the British Occupation of the Falkland Islands, 1765 - 66 - the Letter from Captain McBride to the Earl of Egmont, 1766.
691976A Short History of St. Mary's ChurchSpraggon, Monsignor
701976Lieutenant T. E. L. Moore, R.N.Jones, A. G. E.
711976The Voyage of the Pagoda, 1845Jones, A. G. E.
721977John Biscoe in the Falkland Islands 1830 - 1832A. G. E. Jones
731977Captain Charles Hansen - Letter to the Admiralty 1882Miller, Sydney
741977Voyage of H. M. Ketch "Sparrow" 1837Miller, Sydney
751977Notes on August to December 1914Clive Holland
761977Governor Moore 1855 - 1862A. G. E. Jones
771977Captain D. W. RobertsRoberts, G. H.
781977Notes on Falkland Islands Fishes and VertebratesStanley W. Gorham
791977Secret Instructions to Captain John McBride 1765Abbott, Jack
801978The Second Hundred Years, 1878 - 1978Spafford, Major R. N.
811978The Exhumation of Admiral SpottsFalkland Islands Magazine
821978The Wreck of the Liner OraviaTownson, H. W.
831978The Murder of John Rudd in 1864Dean, W. M.
841978Camp Transport Before the Machine AgeMiller, Sydney
851978Nineteenth Century Notes on ShippingMiller, Sydney
861978Letter of Captain McBride - 1767Abbott, Jack
871978The Defences of The Falkland Islands between 1806 and 1809Andrew C. F. David
881979Bill Tilman, 1898 - 1977Jones, A. G. E.
891979The Beginnings of The Falkland Islands Company, 1850-51 (Dean)Miller, Sydney
901979The Story of the ThetisMiller, Sydney
911979William Parker SnowJones, A. G. E.
921979An Echo from December 1914Ainslie, P. D. L.
931979The Story of the St. MaryDean, Nicholas
941979The Loss of the GlengowanSmith, John
951980Admiral Grey's Diary - ExtractsAinslie, P. D. L.
961980The History of the Falkland Islands Company (Dean)Miller, Sydney
971980South Georgia - a Brief HistoryWatson, H. V.
981980Profile William Lamond Allardyce, 1861 - 1930Heyburn, Henry, R.
991980The American Sealers in the Mid-Nineteenth CenturyMiller, Sydney
1001980Early Settlement of the Falkland IslandsHeaton, Sir H. Henniker
1011980Visit of Passengers of Great Britain, 1854Miller, Sydney
1021981An Account of Falkland IslandsClayton, Wm.
1031981HM Ships Beagle, Barracouta, Protector EnduranceMillar, S.
1041981The Pioneer Farmers of PatagoniaMagellan Times; The Penguin
1051981Anson. The Government Experimental Farm, 1926-8Miller, Sydney
1061981A Shepherd AbroadBlain, William Alexander
1071981The Expedition to Black TarnMcAdam, J.H.; Roberts, D. E.
1081981Three British Naval Antarctic VoyagesJones, A. G. E.
1091981The History of The Falkland Islands CompanyMiller, Sydney
1101982The New Island Whaling Venture, 1908-1915Salvesen Ltd, Christian
1111982Frankie Wild's HutJones, A. G. E.
1121982Shackleton's Amazing RescueJones, A. G. E.
1131982The History of the Falkland Islands CompanyMiller, Sydney
1141982Extracts from 'The Falkland Islands' Forestry Kew Bulletin, No. 5., 1919Dollimore, W.
1151983Captain George Powell Discoverer of South Orkneys, 1821Jones, A. G. E.
1161983Letter from Captain Fitzroy of HMS Beagle 1837Naval Archives
1171983The First South Georgia LeasesWalton, D. W. H.
1181983Ross in the Antarctic, 1839-1843Jones, A. G. E.
1191983The History of The Falkland Islands CompanyMiller, Sydney
1201983A Short Description of The Falkland Islands, Their Produce, Climate and Natural HistoryClayton, Lieut S. W.
1211984The Falklands StorySkelly, John
1221984Scientific Papers and Publications relevant to The Falkland IslandsMcAdam, J. H.
1231984Hostilities in the Falkland Islands Dependencies March-June 1982Headland, R. K.
1241984Sir James Clark Ross's Tidal Tablets, Port Louis 1842Miller, Sydney
1251984Bellingshausen in the Antarctic, 1821.Jones, A. G. E.
1261984The History of the Falkland Islands CompanyMillar, S.
1271985Falklands Facts - 1820 to 1833Cawkell, M. R. R.
1281985Scientific Papers and Publications relevant to the Falkland Islands, Part Two (1983-4)McAdam, J. H.
1291985Wrecks, Hulks & Other Vessel Remains at South Georgia, Falkland Islands DependenciesHeadland, R. K.
1301985The Railways of the Falkland Islands and South GeorgiaSmith, R. A.
1311985The Cultivation of Tussac GrassWalton, D. W. H.
1321985Bellingshausen in the Antarctic, 1821. Part TwoJones, A. G. E.
1331985The History of The Falkland Islands CompanyMiller, Sydney
1341986Scientific Papers and Publications relevant to the Falkland Islands, Part Three (1984-85)McAdam, J. H.
1351986The EGERIA StoryLawson, Eric
1361986The Berkeley Sound Treasure StoryLellman, K. V.
1371986Report on the British Barque, LADY ELIZABETHF. Yalouris; F. Feyling
1381986The History of The Falkland Islands CompanyMiller, Sydney
1391986Errors and Inaccuracies in the Statement presented by Argentina to the Decolonisation Committee of the United Nations in September 1964Cawkell, M. R. R.
1401987Sovereignty and the Falkland CrisisCalvert, Peter
1411987The Falkland Islands, 1833-1876, The Establishment of a ColonyRoyle, Stephen A.
1421987Scientific Papers and Publications Relevant to the Falkland Islands: Part Four (1985-6)McAdam, J. H.
1431987Protecting the Whaling Fleet during World War IIJones, A. G. E.
1441987The History of the Falkland Islands CompanyMiller, Sydney
1451988Notes on Professor Calvert's recent article - Falkland Islands Journal 1987Cawkell, M. B. R.
1461988The Curious Case of Sir Richard HawkinsCawkell, M. B. R.
1471988Extracts from the Mercantile Marine Magazine, 1854 and 1859Lawson, Eric D.
1481988The Snow Squall Project - Report on the 1987 ExpeditionYalouris, E. Fred
1491988The Jhelum 1849-1871 - A Brief HistoryStammers, M. K.
1501988The Port Louis Settlement, 1842Dickinson, Anthony B.
1511988The History of The Falkland Islands CompanyMiller, Sydney
1521988The References and Notes omitted in the 1987 Falkland Islands Journal which should have been printed following the publication of Dr. Royle's story "The Establishment of a Colony"
1531988Scientific Papers and Publications relevant to The Falkland Islands: 5 (1986-87)McAdam, J. H.
1541989The Wreck of the Isabella in 1813 on Speedwell IslandMiller, Sydney
1551989The Auxilliary Ketch Penelope of the Falkland IslandsMiller, Sydney
1561989Beauchêne Island - A Historical AccountSmith, R. I. Lewis
1571989The Great Fire on Keppel Island, 1855McAdam, J. H.
1581989A Land of DerelictsPatmore, K. A.
1591989A Cold WarBeck, P. J.
1601989Scientific Papers and Publications relevant to The Falkland Islands: Part 6 (1988-89)McAdam, J. H.
1611989The Cumbria and Lancashire Falklands Expedition 1989Clark, R.; Cooper, E. A.; Macfadyen, A.; Shipp, T.; Simpson, M. N.; Wilson, P.
1621990A Review of the Occurrence of the Fritillary Butterfly. (Issoria cytheris cytheris) in the Falkland IslandsCarstairs, D. N.
1631990Stewart Slessor (1912-1985)Perkins, R.
1641990John Biscoe and the AntarcticPlumley, R.
1651990Since the War: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language books on the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies published since June 1982Reid Jr, T. G.
1661990The Cumbria and Lancashire Falklands Expedition 1989Clark, R.; Cooper, E. A.; Macfadyen, A.; Shipp, T.; Simpson, M. N.; Wilson, P.
1671990A Review of the Occurrence of the Fritillary Butterfly. (Issoria cytheris cytheris) in the Falkland IslandsCarstairs, D. N.
1681990Stewart Slessor (1912-1985)Perkins, R.
1691990John Biscoe and the AntarcticPlumley, R.
1701990Since the War: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language books on the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies published since June 1982Reid Jr, T. G.
1711990The Wreck of the Isabella in 1813 on Speedwell IslandMiller, Sydney
1721990The Auxilliary Ketch Penelope of the Falkland IslandsMiller, Sydney
1731990Beauchêne Island - A Historical AccountLewis Smith, R. I.
1741990The Great Fire on Keppel Island, 1855McAdam, J. H.
1751990A Land of DerelictsPatmore, K. A.
1761990A Cold WarBeck, P. J.
1771990Scientific Papers and Publications relevant to The Falkland Islands: Part 6 (1988-89)McAdam, J. H.
1781991Charles Darwin in the Falkland IslandsArmstrong, P.
1791991Camp Life in the Falklands - A series of SketchesBertrand, K.
1801991Some American Visitors to the Falklands 1788-1795David, A.C.F.
1811991The History of the Falkland Islands Government Air Service (FIGAS)Rough, D.A.
1821991Since The War: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language Books of the Falkland Islands and Their Dependencies Published Since June 1982: 1991 SupplementReid Jr, T.G.
1831991Scientific Papers and Publications Relevant to the Falkland Islands: Part 7 (1989-1991)McAdam, J.H.
1841991Index of the Falkland Islands Journal, 1987 to 1991 (Vol 5)Reid Jr, T.G.
1851992Charles Darwin in the Falkland IslandsArmstrong, P. H.
1861992Camp Life in the Falklands - A Series of SketchesBertrand, K.
1871992Some American Visitors to the Falklands 1788 - 1795David, A. C. F.
1881992The History of the Falkland Islands Government Air ServiceRough, D. A.
1891992Since the War: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language books on the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies published since June 1982: 1991 SupplementReid Jr, T. G.
1901992Scientific Papers and Publications relevant to the Falkland Islands: Part 7 (1989-1991)McAdam, J. H.
1911992Index to Volume 5 (1987 - 1991)Reid, T.G.
1921992A Brief History of the Falkland Islands Defence ForceMiller, S.; Summers, B.
1931992The Catholic Church on the Falkland IslandsAgretter, A.
1941992Christ Church Cathedral, StanleyMurphy, G.
1951992The History of the Nonconformist Church in the Falkland IslandsHoppe, G. M.; Fraser, J.
1961992Since the War: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language Books on the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies Published since June 1982: 1992 SupplementReid Jr, T.G.
1971992Prince's Street: An East Falkland Stone-run. Early Descriptions and TheoriesArmstrong, P. H.
1981992Fur Sealing in the Falkland Islands in the 1820's and 1830'sJones, A. G. E.
1991992Book Review 'Polar Portraits' by A. G. E. JonesMcAdam, J. H.
2001992Waiting for Orders - The Jhelum in the Falklands 1870 - 71Stammers, M.
2011992ACMHP: History of Goose Green and DarwinNewman, Glynis
2021992ACMHP: The Vicar of BrayMcMullan, Matthew
2031992ACMHP: Camp Life in the FalklandsMoffat, Kelly
2041992Historical Vignettes - 25 years of the Falkland Islands JournalWalton, D. W. H.
2051993Alejandro Malaspina's visits to Port Egmond in 1789 and 1794Jara, Lola Manterola; David, A. C. F.
2061993Early Voyages to the Falkland Islands, 1769-1850Jones, A. G. E.
2071993A Visit to the Falkland Islands - 1832Anonymous
2081993Vernet and Smyley - a Document in Government HouseTatham, D. E.
2091993Colonel George Abbas Kooli D'Arcy, Governor of the Falkland Islands 1870-1876Spafford, R. N.
2101993"Dear to Hermes" Autobiographical NotesWheeler, J. F. G.
2111993ACMHP: Animal species introduced to the Falkland IslandsMcMullan, Matthew
2121993ACMHP: New Island and its HistoryStrange, Georgina
2131993ACMHP: Health and Hygiene in the Falkland Islands 1842-1992Diggle, Katherine
2141993ACMHP: Family TreeSmith, Colin
2151993ACMHP: Bertrand and Felton - Pioneers of the FalklandsSummers, Alastair
2161993The Behaviour and Origin of the WarrahArmstrong, P. H.
2171993Soil Erosion in the Port Stephens area - Natural or Man-madeChandler, L.
2181993Since the War: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language Books on the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies Published since June 1982; 1993 SupplementReid Jr, T. G.
2191994Felton's Flower Calandrinia feltonii: A botanical enigmaWoods, R. W.
2201994Some Recent Earth Science and Ecological Studies in the Falkland IslandsClark, R.; Wilson, P.; Simpson, N.; Nolan, R.
2211994Alas, Poor ZebraLapsley, P
2221994Scientific Papers and Publicatons Relevant to the Falkland Islands: Part 8 (1991-1994)Fuller, Jennifer; McAdam, J. H.
2231994Jeremiah Thomas Fitzgerald Callaghan; CMG, Governor of the Falkland Islands 1876-1880Spafford, R. N.
2241994Some Views of Stanley during Visits of RRS Discovery II, 1934-1939Jones, H. I.
2251994ACMHP: Fox Bay GravesSam Cockwell; Marsh, Karen; Marsh, Sammy
2261994ACMHP: My FamilyBiggs, Ailie
2271994ACMHP: Stanley and Darwin CemeteriesPollard, Mark; Clement, Wayne
2281994Annual Weather Summary for the Falkland Islands - 1993Fuller, Jennifer
2291994The Port Louis Field SurveysShorrock, Joyce; Shorrock, N. A.
2301994An Archaeological Survey at Port Egmont Saunders IslandPhilpott, R. A.
2311994Falkland Island Wrecks - their situation in 1994Stammers, M.
2321994Since the War: An annotated Bibliography of English Language Books on the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies Published since June 1982: 1994 SupplementReid Jr, T. G.
2331995ACMHP: The Old House (at Shallow Bay)Peck, Farrah
2341995ACMHP: Albemarle Sealing StationBernsten, Sarah
2351995ACMHP: The History of StanleyBiggs, Daniel
2361995ACMHP: On and Around the CamberWallace, James
2371995ACMHP: Lafonia 1846-1946Jaffray, Tanya
2381995A Copy of Governor Callaghan's speech to Executive CouncilSpafford, R. N.
2391995Visits to the Falkland Islands in 1910 & 1928 of Clarence Elliott, Plant Collector & BotanistWalker, Janet
2401995Notes on the Birds of two Falkland Islands: Kidney and StaatsCarstairs, D.
2411995Since the War: An annotated Bibliography of English Language Books on the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies Published since June 1982: 1995 SupplementReid Jr, T. G.
2421995A letter from the Falkland Islands by a young seamanStammers, M. K.
2431995A G Bennett - Naturalist, Whaling Officer, Customs Officer and PostmasterPalmer, S.
2441995In Search of AntoninaTatham, D. E.
2451995A Coincidence of Incidents - The Events of Easter 1845 in StanleyTatham, D. E.
2461995Sir William Cleaver Francis Robinson, GCMG, FRGS, Governor of the Falkland Islands 1866-1870Spafford, R. N.
2471995Two Keppel Island Journals of A W P GardinerGoodall, R.N.P.; Caipillan, Estela
2481996ACMHP: Mum's War StoryMcPhee, Mark
2491996ACMHP: The History of Football in the IslandsBarnes, Marti
2501996ACMHP: Falkland SoundPoole, Andrea
2511996George Rennie, Governor of the Falkland Islands 1848-1855Spafford, R. N.
2521996"Dear to Hermes" a second extract from the autobiographical notes of J. F. G. Wheeler concerning whaling research and South Georgia, 1926-1929Williams, F.
2531996New light on the Early Settlement of Port Louis, East Falkland: The French Occupation 1764-7Philpott, R. A.
2541996Helen A Miller - A Baltimore built shipSeymour, A.
2551996Falkland Islands Immigrants to the Magellanic Region of ChileMartinic, Mateo
2561996Thomas Edgar and his Survey of West Falkland (1786-7)David, A. C. F.
2571996Since the War: An annotated Bibliography of English Language Books on the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies Published since June 1982: 1996 SupplementReid Jr, T. G.
2581996Scientific Papers and Publications Relevant to the Falkland Islands: Part 9 (1994-1996)McAdam, J. H.
2591996Book Review: The Falkland Islands, an annotated Bibliography by M Day)McAdam, J. H.
2601997ACMHP: The Old West Falkland DairyBernsten, Sarah
2611997ACMHP: Saunders Island CemeteryPole-Evans, Louise
2621997ACMHP: The RT StationRoss, Kerri Anne
2631997ACMHP: PeatTriggs, Donna
2641997ACMHP: The Falkland Islands Company - Colonial ManagersRendell, Nicholas
2651997ACMHP: A brief description of the Geology of Beauchene IslandEdwards, Emma
2661997The Falkland Islands Geographical Mapping Project 1996-1998Aldiss, D.
2671997Aspects of Falkland Islands Earth Science and EcologyClark, R.; Macfadyen, A.; Simpson, N.; Wilson, P.
2681997Plants which have Flowered Successfully in Gardens of the Falkland IslandsEvans, M. R.
2691997Sheep Husbandry: Part 1Miller, S.; Summers, B.
2701997Employees at Port Howard Farm - a service Agreement with J. L. Waldron Ltd.Lee, R.
2711997Candles and Lamps - and other Reminiscences of Early Camp LifeMiller, Betty
2721997A note on the Falkland Islands in 1841Jones, A. G. E.
2731997Easter 1945: Moody's accountTatham, D. E.
2741997The Falkland Islands Company and the DeansMitchell, F. G.
2751997Sailors in DistressStammers, M. K.
2761997Since the War: An annotated Bibliography of English Language books on the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies published since June 1982: 1997 SupplementReid Jr, T. G.
2771997Captain Thomas Edward Laws Moore R.N., F.R.S., Governor of the Falkland Islands 1855-1862Spafford, R. N.
2781998Sir John Henniker - Heaton Bt - The man who brought the Empire togetherMitchell, F.
2791998Sheep Husbandry: Part 2, DrovingMiller, Sydney
2801998Births on South Georgia and other Antarctic RegionsHeadland, R. K.
2811998Tokens in the Falkland IslandsLyall, R.
2821998Ernesto RoweSmith, J.
2831998The Pergolis FamilyLuxton, D.
2841998The Diary of Joseph Seth Jones, 1867 in the Falkland IslandsMitchell, F.
2851998ACMHP: My GrandadPoole, Jody
2861998ACMHP: Government HouseMorrison, Roxanne
2871998ACMHP: Drury Street CottagesBirmingham, Alexandra
2881998ACMHP: Cape DolphinHeathman, Tara
2891998Since the War: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language books on the Falkland Islands and their Dependenciesa Published since June 1982: 1998 SupplementReid Jr, T. G.
2901998HMS Durban and the Falkland Islands 1931-1933Palmer, S.
2911998Keppel Island: An interim report on the Archaelogical Survey, 1997Philpott, R.
2921998Arthur Byam's bones: A Strange case of SynchronicityJones, J.
2931998Felton's Flower RediscoveredPoncet, S.
2941998The Career of Captain John McBrideMcAdam, E. J.
2951999The Genesis of the Falkland Islands JournalThompson, W. H.
2961999Sheep Husbandry: Part 3, In the YardsMiller, S.
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3021999With Hunting Aerosurveys on Deception islandPowell, D. B. B.
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3041999Voyage "Home" in the m.v.La PazRoberts, G. H.
3051999Private Peter McKayElliott, J. A.
3061999Early links between the Falklands and the Welsh Colony in PatagoniaCoronato, F.
3071999Dining with Jimmy MillerRoberts, G. H.
3081999A note regarding the Taxonomic Status of the Queen-of-the-Falklands Fritilliary in the Falkland IslandsBroughton, D. G.; McAdam, J. H.
3091999ACMHP: Tiger Bay ShantySmith, Nadia; Smith, Aidan
3101999ACMHP: Augustine Brunal, GauchoMoffatt, Sean
3111999ACMHP: Stanley Before and After the ConflictNeilson, Edward
3121999Taxonomic changes in the Falkland Islands vascular floraBroughton, D; McAdam, J. H.
3131999Bertha's BeachElliott, J. A.
3142000Note on the status of Comb-Fern in the Falkland IslandsBroughton, D.A.
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3192000My years in the Falkland IslandHooley, T.
3202000The arrival of the PlymElliott, J. A.
3212000Wreckage on Elephant Island, South Shetland IslandsHeadland, R.K.
3222000"Antarctic Jack"Roberts, G.H.
3232000The Shackleton IncidentFlack, T
3242000The Thetis, and the FalklandsEames, A
3252000The Cutter Indiana, Falkland IslandsRoberts, G.H.
3262000The Welsh Settlement in PatagoniaMitchell, F.
3272000Sheep Husbandry: Part 4Miller, S. OBE
3282000Maid of Athens and Criccieth Castle - Two Tales of SurvivalElliott, J. A.
3292000Journal of a young Falkland Islands girl, Anita "Girlie" SornsenEvans, D.
3302000Since the war: An annotated Bibliography of English Language books on the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies Published since June 1982:Reid Jr, T.G.
3312000A subject index to "Since the War: A Bibliography of English Language Books on the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies Published since 1982" Appearing in the Falkland Islands Journal 1990-2000Reid Jr. TG
3322000ACMHP: The Traditional role of Horses in the Falklands IslandsSteen, Kimberley
3332000ACMHP: From Anson to Brookfield: The story of a FarmMcPhee, Mark
3342000ACMHP: Locked Up: Prisoners at Goose Green in 1982Hewitt, Christine
3352000ACMHP: Traditional Milking and Butter Making at Murrell FarmLowe, Lucinda; Short, Sara
3362001A survey of the Number, Size and Distribution of Islands in the Falklands ArchipelagoWoods, R. W.
3372001Words of the Falkland IslandsHince, B
3382001Whalers' Cemetery:Deception Island, South Shetland IslandsHeadland, R.K.
3392001West Falkland versus East Falkland QuizHaskard, Sir Cosmo
3402001Forestry in the Falkland IslandsPalmer, S.
3412001Conserving and Managing the Falkland Islands Freshwater Fisheries.Dowall, R.M.
3422001James Lovegrove Waldron - Notebook and Original Diary, 1866-1867Coulthard, F.; McAdam, E.J; McAdam, J.H.
3432001Camp Dentist in the FiftiesSchwagereit, D.
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3452001HMS Southampton in the Falkland IslandsElliott, J. A.
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3472001Port Louis in 1831: Two identical AccountsElliott, J. A.
3482001ACMHP: The Globe StoreKing, Roxanne
3492001ACMHP: The Pig and WhistleFreer, Edward
3502001ACMHP: Stanley Town Hall, Old and NewMcKay, Helen
3512001ACMHP: The PenelopeMiddleton, Megan
3522001ACMHP: Goodbye Peat StovesNorth Arm School
3532002A History of Fish and Fishing in the Falkland IslandsPalmer, S.
3542002The S Anton or Sanson Islands, First Cartographic Mention of the Falkland Islands in the 16th CenturyMartinic, Prof. M
3552002Origins and Associations of Spanish Words in the Falkland Islands up to 1950Roberts, G.
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  • ACMHP: Alistair Cameron Memorial History Prizewinner/ Alistair Cameron History Prizewinner
  • JACHP: Jane and Alistair Cameron History Prizewinner