2020 Contents

Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust: Annual Report

Update from the Jane Cameron National Archives
by T. Bishop

A Good Year for the DFB Website
by D. Tatham & S. Palmer

The Falkland Islands as a Scientific Nexus for Charles Darwin, Joseph Hooker, Thomas Huxley, Robert McCormick and Bartholomew Sulivan, 1833-1851
by P. Stone

Preserved in Peat: A Trace of Elephant Seals in the Falkland Islands Landscape
by P. Stone

Pulling against the Warrior – a Memorable Boat Race 
by D. Luxton

The Luigi S
by D. Luxton

Sir Miles Clifford, a Much-maligned Governor and the 1948 Petition for his Removal
by S. Palmer

The Company’s Carpenters Shop
by D. Luxton

Links between the Falkland Islands and Uruguay
by Juan Bautista Ferrer

The Restoration of the A. K. Ilen
by J. McAdam

Falkland Cutters
by R. Robinson

A Winter Trip to Port Stanley
by C. Bertrand

The Deeds to St. Mary’s
by E. Walsh

The Bahia Buen Suceso Log Book
by E. Walsh

The WW2 Defence of South Georgia
by R. Burton

Why we Wrote Falkland Facts and Fallacies
by G. Pascoe & P. Pepper

Alexander Percival Shackel
by D. Luxton

Alastair Cameron History Prizewinners 2019

Keppel Island : the Lost Island
by Amber Barlow

The life of Edward Lawrence Bragger
by James Bragger

The Brave Battle 1982
by Alicia Shepherd               

The Royal Marines in the Falkland Islands
by Sasha Ford

Pole-Evans Family History During the 1982 Conflict
by Emma Neilson

The visit of H.R.H The Duke of Edinburgh to the Falkland Islands in 1957
by Benjamin Jaffray

The ‘Stoney Cottage’ 3 Hebe Street, Stanley, Falkland Islands. 1875-2019
by Nick Rowlands

by Samantha Ford

How has Stone Masonry and Metal-working Affected the Falkland Islands’ Way of Life?
by Liam Jaffray

Carl Anton Larsen and the Start of Whaling
by Eleanor Rozee

Book Reviews

Book review: Falkland Facts and Fallacies by Graham Pascoe.
Reviewed by D. Tatham

Book review: The Tabaris Highlanders by Richard Loraine-Smith
Reviewed by J. McAdam