2023 Contents

Correction to FIJ 2022:  Recollections of the Falklands War and Associated Matters   

The Jane Cameron National Archives – A Journey and an Appreciation
by S. Palmer

The Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust Annual Report (2022-23)

Update from the Jane Cameron National Archives
by C. Anderson-Wheatley

FIMA Friends in the Last Twelve Months
by W. Featherstone

The Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust – an Update
by W. Featherstone

“It Was A Close-Run Thing”A Letter From William Allardyce 26 November 1914
by H. Osborne and S. Palmer

The Scottish Polar Explorer William Speirs Bruce (1867-1921) and his Thwarted Ambitions in the Falkland Islands Dependencies
by P. Stone

‘The Man Who Could Do Everything’ – Captain Robert Ryder RN, VC
by S. Palmer

The Falkland Islands Company Letter Books, 1851 – 1887
by E. Walsh

100 Years of Camp Life in the Falklands
by E. Berntsen

The TriStar Tail-Scrape Incident,- a 30 Year-old Memory
by J. McAdam and G. Cheek

From Mid-Ulster To Port Howard Farm–The Young Men Who Sought Work, 1959 – 70
by J. McAdam

Archaeological Features at Port Sussex
by R. Philpott

The Jane and Alastair Cameron History Prizes 2022:            

  • The Story of the Falkland Island Defence Force (FIDF) on invasion night 1982
    by Emma Neilson
  • Battle for Goose Green. Denzil Clausen’s Story
    by Sasha Ford
  • My Grandad Michael
    by Abigayle Alazia
  • Who Walks The Dockyard at Night? The Past, Present and Future of The Dockyard
    by Amber Barlow

Book review: The Falklands Saga Part 3 by Graham Pascoe.
Reviewed by D. Tatham